Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Venezuelan Blasts President Chavez

Above, Cuba's Fidel Castro, left, embraces Venezuelan Pres. Hugo Chavez.

Editor’s note: Fearing for her family’s safety in Venezuela, the author has asked that only her first name be used.

By Jackie
A Venezuelan living abroad

Hugo Chavez believes that Cuba lives in the "sea of happiness" and wants to transport those ideas of "revolutionary democracy" -not communism according to him- into Venezuela. In the meantime, people die in Caracas because they don't have oxygen, but he spent $256 million in a live program from Cuba that lasted 6 hours, just talking.

To gain the support of other leaders in the region, he keeps signing agreements, buying products from other countries, and in his country people are in extreme poverty. He said it is good to be poor, and the "solutions" are only temporary things that don't really solve problems.

For the past years, he's been saying that U.S.A. is trying to kill him, and yet he has never met President Bush face to face. He's pissed he is not recognized as a president by the White House.

And his friendship with Fidel Castro is very strong: He sends to Cuba 95,000 oil barrels a day, with much lower prices (which Castro hasn't paid). In exchange, Castro sent medical doctors to Venezuela, to teach the marvels of Cuba. The only thing is that many of those doctors have escaped from Venezuela to Miami searching for asylum.

On top of that, Chavez has control of ALL the powers in the country, specially the electoral institution that cheated everybody with fixed machines that allowed only up to certain number of votes to be against him. There is a very high level of corruption, and the crime indexes are the highest in history, as well as emigration. Everybody that can is leaving or left already.

So, what do I think of the man that divided the people and is destroying the country where I was born? I'm not saying that Pat Robertson was right, but it is a thought. I hope somehow that Chavez will get his punishment, and people in Venezuela will get to have a better country when the oil is still producing a lot of money.

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Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear the truth from someone who knows. Clearly, this tyrant, Chavez, has ruined the wonderful country of Venezuela depriving Venezuelans of basic needs.