Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ted Haggard: On the Straight and Narrow?

Above, Ted Haggard in a prayerful moment/

By Lisa Haddock
NJ Faith Forum Editor

Disgraced Evangelist Ted Haggard, former head of the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, is straight as a pin. Or so says a pastor who counseled him.

Haggard lost his position at New Life Church in Colorado Springs after he first denied and then admitted sexual impropriety with a male prostitute.

"He is completely heterosexual," said the Rev. Tim Ralph of Larkspur, Colo., in a report published on Feb. 7 by CNN. "That is something he discovered. It was the acting-out situations where things took place. It wasn't a constant thing."

This incident raises the proverbial questions:

Is homosexuality a choice? Can it be cured? Should it be cured?

The vast majority of experts say no. But some religious groups disagree.

Read both sides of the argument:

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irving said...

I doubt if Mr. Haggard has been cured, but it sure is good public relations to save his failing evanglical career. A sad case really. I will pray for him.

Peace and Blessings!