Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finding the Art of Joy

By Lisa Haddock

I live in a permanent state of pessimism. And as for living in the moment? Forget it.

Despite my melancholy nature, I had an uncommon flash of joy – courtesy of the Louvre Web site.

Last night, for the umpteenth time in my life, I looked at the Nike of Samothrace, the 2,000-year-old Winged Goddess of Victory.

Thanks to my liberal arts education, I knew that this ancient Greek statue represents the fleeting nature of victory. Like a bird, she can fly away at any moment.

But here’s what occurred to me last night.

This beautiful piece of stone is a monument to the human spirit. No matter how difficult life can be, joy can be found in the human heart. Victory, winged and fleeting as she is, does sometimes touch the ground.

How cool is that?

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Jackie said...

The Nike of Samothrace is actually one of my favorite pieces at the Louvre. That, next to the Venus of Milo and the Joconde are the real treasures of the museum (at least for me). I've seen it everytime I've been to Paris. I like your interpretation of it. as you said, sometimes it can touch the ground, and we are lucky to feel it close!

Jan said...

Victory in the midst of suffering, joy and sorrow all at once. It's an art to balance all in the present moment for those who have a glimpse of how God must feel.